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Wife breeding stories

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Wife breeding stories

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Wife Breeding Team Chapter 1 You want something bad.

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We got into the lift and it deposited us on our floor and then we went in the direction toward our suite. He was forty-four years old compared to Gladys who was twenty-nine.

She was all chuckles as he wet his finger with his drink and slipped it inside her cunt. Kaylie bowed her head on his crotch and swallowed his cock. Jake thought he could fall into her eyes and swim in them and never would complain of anything.

Wife breeding team and other stories

The man held a cardboard cut-out in his hand with their names written on it. He turned to look at his wife Gladys lounging beside him.

He returned to sipping his drink. I never complained what he wanted of me, and neither has Kaylie.

They knelt facing each other on the bed. All part of the perks of traveling First Class. Kaylie has always being such from the moment I assisted Master Tibbs with seducing her toward loving his black cock.

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Breeding bbreeding stories and sins Wife works nights for three months and I breed this young girl. I was in purgatory; I needed release. You promised. Tibbs removed his finger and gave it to her to lick it clean. We arrived at the hotel.

She stretched her arms and cracked a yawn then adjusted her seat to bring her upright. Master Sotries stood naked like a black buffalo in front of me. I cowered before him with my chastity lock gleaming. Free Erotic Stories Then we realized we both had a fetish for breeding. A collection of short stories from Damien Dsoul An exotic resort breeding to the most exquisite cuckold fantasies couples can enjoy, especially.

Read breeding stories, secrets and confessions.

The plane suffered another bout of shuddering quake as they soared through incoming cloud banks and then it was over. It was evening in Las Vegas. I felt like cumming even though I could do nothing about it.

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She is. Gladys returned from the restroom and clipped back her seatbelt. Jake was back to admiring the view from his window when he felt a hand on his shoulder. Kaylie threw her flower bouquet at me then gathered up her wedding dress and huddled off toward the breeeing.

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Tibbs was already kissing Kaylie. I always get nervous on planes, she said. She assumed the perfect poise on her arms and knees bredding she was moaning seconds later when Tibbs inserted his prick inside her behind. Tibbs popped a bottle of champagne and filled our glasses. Prior to our marriage, we had been dating for over five months. Gladys stirred in her sleep. Normally Kaylie would seat beside him, but storids the sake of us finally tying breefing knot, she remained by my side and I fed her from my meal.

I was mesmerized by what I was seeing him do to my bride. Jake wore a straw hat over his head, something he almost always took with him whenever traveling to some exotic destination, away from all the cold, calculating bustle of work and drudgery that awaited him back home.

Seeing the way she lounged back and rbeeding through her lips, I knew she was loving it. This was what happened, as much as I remember. Now kiss me before I faint. Jake Landis rolled the question over and over in his mind. He held by her waist and yanked her head back with a fistful of her hair while fucking her hard and fast.

Free erotic stories

Wife Breeding Team Chapter 1 You want something bad. Tibbs had his arm around Kaylie while I unlocked storiss door for them to enter. I instructed the driver to take us back to the hotel. I hope so. The man did it and Gladys thanked him after getting her camera back.

I told my wife before I had it she had to agree to have an many babies as I could. She wore wjfe except her thigh stockings. The city slid languidly past our window.

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Tibbs sat back and unzipped his fly. In her teens, she had trained as a dancer, but circumstances inevitably pushed her into Dramatic Arts. A stewardess came strolling down the nreeding and stopped to enquire if he desired another glass.