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What is tab

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What is tab

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Tab is the term used for aligning text in a word processor by moving the cursor to a predefined position. It is part of the paragraph formatting feature and usually accomplished with help of the tab key or options provided in the word processor. Tabs help in evenly iw the text between the margins and for indention.

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Indent a line or paragraph of text.

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For single player games it is also used to show the world map or the player's inventory or some other useful info. Tabs help in evenly distributing the text between the margins and for indention. The common custom tab settings are right-aligned, left-aligned, centered and decimal-aligned.

Clicking one of the tabs will display the contents of the corresponding document. Techopedia explains Tab The tab functionality can be invoked with help of the tab key, with the tab dialog box in the word processor menu or with the help of markers in the word processor.

The tab key is also used to highlight or "focus" different fields within a form. Why is there a right and left arrow on Tab? While tabbed windows create a cleaner appearance, the drawback is that you can only view the contents of one tab at a time. Window Tab A window tab is a user interface element that allows you to navigate between multiple documents in a single window. Tab completion is more common on LinuxUnixand Unix-like systems than Windows.

Various schemes for numeric tabs were proposed.

The tab key Tab ↹ on a keyboard is used to advance the cursor to the next tab stop. Other versions of tab mentioned on this should be lowercased, unless used at the beginning of a sentence. History[ edit ] The tab rack from a Flexowriter model This definition was written in the context of Keyboards Share this:. The tab key Tab ↹ on a keyboard is used to advance the cursor to the next tab stop.

Fredric Hillard filed a patent application for such a mechanism in Custom tab settings are provided and are indicated by the horizontal ruler in the word processor by tab markers. Should I capitalize "Tab" in my writing? Gab example, you might first name in the "First Name" field, then press Tab to highlight the "Last Name" field.

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The same is true with open tabs, as mentioned earlier on this. The Tab key is most often used to indent text on a computer. The word processor remembers the selection and aligns the next set of data accordingly in most cases. In many graphical applications, especially on Windowsthe Tab key will move the focus to every control or widget such as buttons so that the user interface can be used without a mouse at all this was part of the IBM Common User Access de.

To set or reset a tab for a particular column, the tab stop for that column was simply rotated in or out of engagement.

Pressing the tab key would advance the carriage to the next tabulator stop. Modern usage[ edit ] In word processing and text editingthe Tab key will move the insertion point to the next tab stop in a table, insert the ASCII tab character, or insert multiple space characters depending on the program used. The horizontal tab is usually inserted when the Tab key on a standard keyboard is pressed.

mark or identify with a projecting piece of material. Tab-separated. Tab is also known as horizontal tab. On some systems, even if your input is ambiguous, tab completion may give you a list of possible options to select from. In PC video gamesthe Tab key is very often used to show scores in multiplayer games. 1 History; 2 Modern usage; 3 Tab characters.

What keyboard shortcuts use the Tab key?

Tabbing to this location and then pressing the backspace key to back up to the position of the first digit is practical but slow. To simplify this, a horizontal bar was placed in the mechanism called the tabulator rack. This is called "tabbing" through the fields and allows you to quickly fill out forms without using a mouse.

The left arrow is on the key because if you press Shift key and Tab at the same time, the tab is moved backward.

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Often a first tab stop at 5 or 6 characters was used for this, far larger than the indentation used when typesetting. One tab is usually equivalent to five what is tab spaces. Contents. The original tabulator stops were adjustable clips that could be arranged by the user on the tabulator rack. When filling out a computerized form, pressing Tab will sometimes move the cursor to the next field and Shift-Tab will move the cursor to the fieldeliminating the need to use a mouse to click in an adjacent field.

It may refer to 1 a key on the keyboard or 2 a document header inside a window. Therefore, some programs allow you to click and drag a tab to create a new window from the tab. Tabs have become a common feature in web browsers since they make it possible to have several webs open without cluttering your screen.

Instead of a single title bara tabbed window may include multiple tabs along the top. Default tab settings are provided in the word processor. In most programs and computers pressing the Tab key moves between selectable elements.

How to close a tab

Tab is a useful tool in word processing to increase the readability of a document. When filling out a form in a software program or websiteyou can press Tab to jump to the next field. When writing about the Tab key on a computer keyboard, Tab should always be capitalized. Pressing 1 was a simple tab. The Tab key is capable of moving to the right or left, although most people only use it to go to the right.