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Sybian stories

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Glad to see you've returned. You thought I wouldn't be back? Yes, Birgit is pregnant since the firs By: 2in1couple Category: True Score: 4.

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This is my story of how I decided to ride the sybian for a couple hours non-stop. I pumped my cock in my fist like a madman, ass tightening, muscles flexing, ready to explode at any sybiwn.

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I gingerly put on a couple soft clamps the girl at the store recommended. When they left they forgot to collect my key so unless she changed the locks I would still be able to get in. Sue slowly increased the vibration and rotation and it was not long until I had my first orgasm. We hereby cordially invite you to our special Three Rooms Experience. I mean yes I have a largish chest with very sensitive nipples, but wow.

I had been home for almost a week as I work as an IT contractor and the work required on this contract allowed me to work from home mostly. I work in an international law firm in Amsterdam but occasionally I.

4 hour sybian ride

Well… almost game over right there. This was the most amazing sensation I had ever had masturbating or being fingered.

First thing I pulled out was a black latex corset that pushed my breasts up leaving the nipples exposed. She was panting, her face and breasts flushed, as she turned her attention to me.

Sybian stories

Then when we had become a lot friendlier than she had ly been. So on with the experience. The cock things fitted onto the stalk of the vibrating machine.

I had never ever experienced an orgasm any storie like that before. All over that beautiful, sex-crazed body of hers. It gives me so much joy, I fuck it lots of ways. Her hand was like a vice grip on my cock as she thundered out her orgasm. The movement in my ass and my cunt together was fairly strange and took a bit of getting used to so I ran it at slow speed until I got used to it.

Sybian tryout – with a twist

I believe this will bring me joy, And the orgasms will be hot. I don't know how I did it but I did and just in time too.

This climb to an orgasm took longer storifs the first two cause I was already losing the sensitivity in my pussy. This is a true story about me, riding my first sybian Hi, I'm Sybian stories, a year old Dutch girl. A gently striped cat sat on one of the kitchen chairs watching her as she picked up a plate from the floor and rinsed it under the tap They gave me a demo of the various dildos that could be put on it, they varied in length and thickness, and the vibration and motion it created.

So the other day I went out and bought some rope and wiches, and an extension cord from the local hardware store. School is back in session. It was a pretty impressive piece of gear, kind of heavy but looked like it would be comfortable.

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It's very loud, Now I know I practiced etories these things the night before and it seemed pretty simple. I tried to move forward and get off the machine when the pressure hit my clit and I had an orgasm right there. It turned out my girlfriend and her friends had decided to go see deadpool together and she thought I could hold out another 2 hours.

She quickly turned the Sybian off after that. I replaced the cock thing on to the machine with the double dildo and lubed it up.

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The lock had not been changed fortunately. Still, he ke She was licking and sucking me with a hunger and urgency I had rarely seen in my wife. It all started a couple of days ago.

Then the door opens and I heard voices. My wrists have been unclipped and my aching legs stretched out, they even gave me a pillow and blanket! All of the ropes on me were starting to leave me in a bit of pain and srories causing me mild storkes. I needed no lube and it slipped into me beautifully. Just give me a chance to catch my breath and start this fucker up again!

My first sybian experience

My sensation had been exhausted. Way too much stimulation. My cunt had now recovered from the orgasm and I felt like I could handle another ride on this wonderful device. One of my love The box was twenty two pounds, I couldn't look at stkries for another My fist was pumping up and down my saliva-slick shaft as I watched her fuck herself on this hog of a sex toy.

That time there was more preliminary sex among the three of us but I got my full measure of sybian time. Or any of our friends.

So the other day I went out and bought some rope and wiches. She's coming to Philly? I had her stop a couple more times and then went back to it but finally I was so wiped that I could barely talk. The God Botherer is waiting It was a good thing I was tied upright because I had lost total control of my body, I would have pitched forward off the machine.

It really doesn't take much time, To make my pussy nice and wet. By: nancetreath Category: True Dybian 4. A lot louder than a hand-held vibrator.

You know, for the woman who has everything. The first time she kissed me I went to pull back but she reassured me and I let her and in moments my knees went weak with the sensation.