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Nostalgia critic batman

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Nostalgia critic batman

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February 16, at am Are you a idiot? Batman Forever was diminishing in quality with some campy moments but Batman still was a Batman. Yeh he turn Riddler batan Two-Face in joke but for that time scene when they blow up Wayne mansion was great. But BvS?

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Splash of blood, and then what? And here's something you never thought you'd see in this movie, a man kissing a woman. I just get a little peeved when I see one of my childhood icons carrying Female Reporter vo Cut to a scene of Bruce talking to Nygma Bruce: Bwtman just raises too many questions.

It was childish and immature. Batman, however, escapes: the grappling hook shoots out of the Batmobile, and it is sent driving and flying away from an explosion caused by the bazooka LAG vo : Meanwhile, Two-Face ambushes Batman on his way to the crime we'll never see as, once again, we're introduced to the world's strongest frickin' grappling hook.

Two-Face buries Batman in sand and laughs evilly again Dick then appears, wearing his acrobat suit, and pulls Batman out of the sand. Barbara Wilson : I don't know, all this luxury really isn't my style. Tamara: Oh!

How can nobody figure out that he's in there? A group of family acrobats called The Flying Graysons are shown performing a stunt on top, with the camera focusing on nostalgla youngest member, Dick Grayson Chris O'Donnell. Two-Face: Batman.

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Robin : Bat bomb? Let's kick some ice. I've met someone.

Cut to Mr. NC: Bat-bomb. At the same time, Nygma grimaces which makes the "excited he farted face count" go to 3 Gerty: How does it feel to be the city's newest, most-eligible bachelor? Directed by Doug Walker. He's got a horny honey he's secretly stalking.

A Sterno and grain alcohol, straight up, baby! Girl: That's not Batman!

I'd say this was a horrible lesson for the kids, but I don't think it matters. NC and LAG just stare in confusion. Chase: Batman will come for me. Meridian, please. The Nostalgia Critic and Angry Joe team up to tear apart a. Batman Forever was diminishing in quality with some campy moments but Batman still was a Batman.

With Doug Walker, Joe Vargas, Malcolm Ray, Tamara Chambers.

Batman vs. superman

Batman was a gigantic Bat-bomb! Two-Face and three of his thugs run into the elevator. NC vo She protects you from bad dreams. Two-Face: We're of two minds about what to eat first.

LAG: Cone!! Cut briefly to a clip of Robin Robin: You can say that again.

She seems lovely and wise. Cut to the film's final scene NC voiceover : So as you can imagine, they put Freeze in jail, give the ctitic to Alfred and they all live happily ever after. Batman: 7 million. Cut to Poison Ivy lying to Mr. That's the circus kid Bruce Wayne adopted!

Batman forever

Gotham must know! NC: shifts eyes You LAG: Are you sure he's supposed to be the crazy-looking one here? Later on, he is shown a fake note from Stickley which says "Goodbye, cruel world!

Can't quite put your finger on it? Robin: various scenes She loves me and not you. Each time he does it, NC imitates the crow, the duck, and the chicken, as if Two-Face has shot them.

NC vo; as Dick : Cool. Feeling empathy for Dick's loss and feeling responsible for Batman's failure to show at the circus, Bruce takes a reluctant and devastated Dick in as a foster son Dick: Okay, Nostalgiaa outta here.

Doug walker: nostalgia critic

Dick: Bruce, you're never gonna win this argument. I'd say he fits right in. Bruce and Chase also attend the party NC vo : So rcitic gathers to see the new version of Nygma's box What once was red is black instead. And you are?