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Naked sister stories

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Naked sister stories

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It was late, and I was fast asleep, but when I heard my door creak open I awoke. I blinked my eyes open but did not move, to see who was entering my room. I couldn't see much in the dark, but I heard footsteps, and then the door shut quietly. The footsteps grew closer to my bed I smiled to myself, and closed my eyes. I knew who it was.

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The first boobs would be my little sisters who would have thought.

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Stacey was leading the teasing and jabbing. I rubbed my fingers ever so slowly up n down her vagina.

But she did as I asked, and spread herself out before me, her damp hair fanning out on my pillow. Anked could learn from this 17 year old.

It was split about half and half. I asked Kathy and Mike where they were staying and how long they had been in Maui. I love some hair on a pussy and much prefer that to a completely shaved one. The pleasant warm sensation was exhilarating as her naked skin slid against my own. We stayed in the same embrace, looking like boyfriend and girlfriend and not brother and sister. I couldn't see much in the dark, but I heard footsteps, and then the door shut quietly.

She remained standing there, now completely naked, and watching me no doubt, to see if I was asleep.

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In some way it was like a sistter but what now? With all my might I could not contain the beast in my shorts. Me myself have never seen storiex naked girl in person, only on pornhub. My parents had a day trip scheduled for the following day that would take them on a 5 hour drive to Hana. She was 7 years younger than me, and quite frankly had always just been a nuisance and pain in the ass.

My cock sprang to action as I closed my eyes and thought back to earlier in the day with Stacey. It was just like clockwork every time to get work on getting that full release.

Naked footage of my sister

When we got there, she headed to hers and I started hanging up the towels and unpacking the drinks and other items we had taken. She groaned again, obviously loving this. She laughed and then I laughed and had no clue if she was messing with me or going to take them off right then and there. My sister, 17 years old, standing completely naked on this beach and talking to a 45 sories old man and his wife while she slowly siter the bottoms off and tossed them aside. She was just working her way to her tits when I noticed her again.

I was blown away. So back at it again in the shower me having a borderline boner again. She moaned softly as she nuzzled her face into my balls, slowly removing her finger from my sphincter. She began yelling out her pleasure when I did that. My penis throbbing from the dirty mental pictures collected from various pornos and the siister of my little sister naked popped in my head and I just blew my load instantly.

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It was like a spike of pure pleasure that nearly knocked me out until her finger was finally buried in my ass, which was clenching down hard on it as I spasmed. I drove home to stay there a couple of days before our flight left.

There was something very different about her since yesterday, like she was this wild sex kitten that I never knew about. I was glancing at her half naked body as she got into the shower first.

She bent at the waist, examining my face closer. Without missing a beat, she dropped her towel and let me see her naked while she combed her hair.

Her soft, tanned skin looked so delicious. sexstoriescom › /12 › naked-footage-of-my-sister.

I didn't dare move or else I'd give. Stacey and I looked kind of awkward and more like brother and sister the way we were standing and acting. A lot of people on the beach were partially or fully clothed and many were totally nude.

She had made a mess of my face. I grabbed her body and held her against me tightly, her soft butt mashed up against my stomach.

But her invading finger was too much to bear, and I felt myself begin to boil over. Stacey sat back down with her legs spread and, much like Kathy, applied the sun block to the area where her bikini had been only moments before.

The second time i saw my sister naked

Maybe it was that, maybe it was me thinking about taking this to the next level. She gently guided it between her thighs and clamped them around stries. I told my mom that I was not on board with this but it was final. This content appeared first on new sex story.

She grasped my hard cock with her tiny hands and started stroking my shaft all the way to my cum soaked head. A few years into the fantasy i decided to go through her room and one of the things I uncovered was video footage of my sister naked playing. Just complete privacy with me and my maturing sisteg.

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After turning dtories I was in awe as the soap was running down her breasts and the crack of her soft ass. I didn't react right away, so she spread her legs and reached down for my dick. It was very amazing.