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My doctor fucked me

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My doctor fucked me

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My wife complained that her pussy was very itchy. It was getting so bad that she was very uncomfortable. We decided to go see a gynecologist. When I called one of my friends he recommended the name of his friend who was a gynec in the government day-hospital.

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When he did she went crazy, like someone in a seizure. The doctor removed his hand from her breasts and without missing a beat of his fingers fucking her pussy, he unzipped himself and hauled out a massive erection.FakeHospital Thick beautiful blonde lets the doctor fuck her.

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I saw as it came out… I thought it would never end, it was so long and thick. The angry looking cock was at least 11 inches long and about four inch in diameter. When he. The doctor waited till her pleasure waves stopped and he started fucking her again. He clutched her waist as if to not let any sperm get out of her pussy. ffucked

Sandra began to moan as he moved skilfully from one nipple to the other while moving his hand down her body to stroke her pussy. The doctor was wearing brown trousers and a polo-t- shirt under his white coat. It felt incredibly good but as he was really getting into it, his nurse Marsha burst into the room. He must have noticed that my wife was squirming her ass and was now highly aroused with all his stimulation of her pussy.

Her feet were facing the mirror and I could clearly see her panty-clad pussy mound. My cock was filling up with blood and straining my underwear. My wife complained that her pussy was very itchy.

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I was shocked to see that my wife, who sometimes complained that my cock was painful inside, was happily chewing his entire cock with her pussy. Watch all Can you fuck me doctor? The thick thumb of his hand was also manipulating her engorged clit each time his fingers slid in her pussy. She calmed down fuked a moment but it was probably to get used to his massive cock rather than the ease in her itchy pussy. As soon as he had a good grip he rammed his dick into her, and he rocked backward and forwards, almost like he was on a trapeze.

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I quickly got out and sat down on one of the chairs outside reading an old magazine lying nearby. She was a bit conscious as the cotton was still blocking her pussy so I gave her an opportunity to take the cotton out and went to the bathroom to take fuckee piss. He reached forward and brought down a bar that hung over the table, used to help patients pull themselves up. There was only one staff at the reception and she seemed very busy filing her reports before closing the clinic.

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He must have come at least for a full three minutes and after that he slowly withdrew his cock from her pussy, leaving her hole wide open for even a horse cock to fuck her. He then bent down and spit on his index finger and slowly inserted the finger in her pussy. He then added a third finger to her now obviously very wet pussy.

I realized that the doctor might have called her inside while I was away. I peeked in one of the rooms and saw that there was no one inside. We decided to go see a gynecologist.

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But probably her itching pussy liked the friction produced by his calloused bare hands and she just bit her lower lip. The doctor then pulled his cock out of her pussy completely. Check out Doctor Fuck porn videos on xHamster. She walked me back to the examination room and took all the normal vitals that I was so turned on by my doctor; he had just fucked me in the examining room.

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He began to lick her wet crack from the bottom up to her clit and Sandra began to get vocal, calling out “fuck,” and begging him to make her cum again. When I called one of my friends he recommended the name of his friend who was a gynec in the government day-hospital. Then there was no stopping as he fucked her mercilessly. I was shocked to see that she was so wet and had allowed the middle aged and quite unattractive doctor to penetrate her pussy with three bare fingers — skin to skin.

He flicked them with his fingers and occasionally pinched them. His cock was just in line with her cunt.

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Her feet were no longer planted on the table, she had lifted her fuucked high enough in a wanton fashion just like those sluts in porno movies. I just stayed put to see where all this doctro lead to. When we checked at the reception, we were told that the doctor was actually occupied and we might have to wait for some time. She started to gently fondle his balls as he lay back with his eyes closed and his hands gripping onto the arms of the chair.

Ddoctor since that was our only lead, we made an appointment and drove to the government clinic. She seemed nervous as she stretched her lithe body out on the white paper sheet, closing her legs tightly together as if she wanted to keep her crack concealed.