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Kik exclamation mark

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Kik exclamation mark

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What are Kik Points?

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Kik messenger’s s, d, and r symbols. what do they mean?

If that happens your browser may crash or your computer may crash and need a restart. Worked perfectly. That is, if you're currently using your data plan, trying using Wi-Fi. It will be replaced with an S read notification. Your message will change to S as soon as a connection is established. And, while it is true that, thankfully, the Kik Messenger app is straightforward to use, there are a few things that users would benefit from knowing.

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The best way to make the most out of chatting on this great instant messaging app is to know all you can about it. A faded D appears next to messages sent to iPhones and Windows Phones.

What is the gray circle with an exclamation mark or bang? I was getting very frustrated! An exclamation point usually means there is some sort of configuration problem, either with your settings or the hardware associated with the offending application. You message cannot exclaamtion sent.

Other errors

If you wind up getting the rarest of all these symbols — a red exclamation point — it means an error was encountered and your message was not successfully sent. Sometimes you'll see an exclamation mark. We are talking about some little things that would greatly enhance your experience of using the Kik Messenger app.

It means that we've sent the push notification of your message to your friend but they haven't opened the app to receive the message on their phone.

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One of kki things is the meaning behind the message symbols. This is the 3 dot error If you have any feedback or any questions about Kik message symbols, please leave us a message in the comments section below. And vice versa. Just tap on the message and the time it was sent will appear above it :. It is not just an icon, however.

If the symbol does not go away, you should check your Internet connection to make sure that it is working. Again, the answer to this would be no. It does not make sense. AM - 22 Sep 1 Like; MattyBRaps.

Kik exclamation mark

Your message will be delivered once they turn their phone on or into their and reconnect to Kik. Please check and try again.

So, like we said exclamatlon our introduction, every message that is sent out or received on Kik Messenger has a letter displaying next to it. Each one of those letters has a very specific meaning. The icon, affectionately known as the Gray Circle of Death (GCOD), is a exclamattion circle with a white exclamation mark within it. Other: This is NOT abusive. Try sending the same message again. I pressed this button by accident.

exclamatjon In this case, you'll need to send your message again. @magniharvald A red exclamation mark means you have no data connection - has this since cleared up?

Even if you think you do know what some or all of those symbols mean, we think you could benefit from reading this article as we will explain in a great deal of detail what each and every one of those symbols mean. Or, simply, he or she has not launched the Kik Messenger app recently.

What are kik message symbols?

It is offensive or harmful. One quick way of checking this and fixing the jik at the same time would be to close down the Kik Messenger app and then launching it. However, a simple restart of the Kik app may fix it. Flash now has the feature in which it shuts down an application if that application causes a memory problem. Kik Exclamation Mark What does the exclamation mark!

You can learn how to troubleshoot your connection here. It is protecting your computer. 5 replies​. Note: One recurring comment to this post is that one application or another created in Flash often triggers this icon to appear.

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The first icon you see should only be seen for a brief period: an icon containing three dots, which basically just informs you that your device is connecting to the network. Just because a message exclamatin delivered it does not mean that the recipient has read it, or even is in a position to read it.

The browser will crash if it runs out of memory and that is a Very Bad Thing. Kik is not connecting as it should. Another reason could be that, for whatever reason, their device is turned off. It is not just an icon, however. June - last edited September What that is, is a safety device for flash. I was ready to scream!

The letters are there to give you more information regarding the status of your message and where in the process the message is at. If it had Very Bad Things would have occurred.