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Gay trucker stories

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Gay trucker stories

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Just the thought of all that power behind the wheel of such a big piece of machinery made my mouth water. I think my fascination was fueled by something that almost happened but didn't when I was in my early twenties. I was working in a discount store where I had been working since graduation from college. I lived in a small town in the south and in those days it wasn't uncommon for a boy in his twenties to be inexperienced in a lot of things. I'm a little guy, 5 foot 8 with sandy blond hair and blue eyes.

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It was getting late at night and I knew that I needed a break soon and saw that wtories was a truck stop just a few miles up the road.

I took one of my hands off the wheel to rub my cock through my jeans. Gay Male. I started to set the alarm so I could get up but I was so far ahead of schedule I knew I could just wake up and be off.

He was short, short brown hair, blue eyes, and looked like his muscles would out do mine anyday. I was bobing again but running my tongue on the underside. He had the most gorgous body, I was stlries droling, but I knew I wasn't gay so what is going on. He had one speed, fast and hard. It was kinda weird but I must say that it helped.

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"Who else is hungry? Show me how much you like suckin this truck drivers big cock. I didn't know if I liked it but after a while it wasn't so bad.

and other exciting erotic at! Every once in a while we radio eachother and wank off over the radio and sometimes I even try to find a route that crosses his so we can see eachother again. We still talked at the back of my truck.

I think my fascination was fueled by something that almost happened but didn't gat I was in my early twenties. The best thing to do was think of it as a lolipop. He took his good time making sure to make this last. I had one of the best orgasms I had had up till that point and was shaking as my cum squirted into the toilet and all over the floor. It was very hot in my mouth. 'gay trucker' stories.

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I squirted some lube on his hole than spread it around with my dick. I breathed a sigh of relief when I heard a woman's teucker asking him if he wanted to party. It was kind of funny to me. I trudker in heaven. He was shaking stodies so was I. I proceeded to tell him about my destination and we just made small talk for a couple of minutes. Once on my way to Mexico to pick up a truckload of some kind of pepper, I was driving down this long highway perfectly straight with hardly any cars when I felt the urge to wank off and drive.

He let out a deep growl like a bear and slammed into me one last time.

Trucker fuckin

I thrusted my hips forward and he must have gotten the message. I blew in his ass but kept punding and gave off a pile of moans.

He was kissing me again and was starting to pull down my jeans. I wanted him to just blow me! I ran to the front of the store only to see him leaving truckr not looking back. I told Bill I was going to get out and stretch my legs and let him have the car to himself for a while.

Topped by a truck driver

I have a pretty good muscular trycker, green eyes, blond hair, a little over 6 foot tall and a good piece of meat hanging between my legs. A trucker who gives a young man a good present. Story written by Mr Bill, After meeting a hot trucker on the road, I introduce I turned to Rex and asked, “Have you ever watched a gay movie?”.

I didn't care thought I really liked it. I rolled down my window to see a man standing outside. In the moment of "wow" his dick was in my mouth. That wasn't so bad, than he put one in.

Gay trucker stories

As the family wagon pulled into a small truck stop in the middle of nowhere, Jack's father turned to him and his mother. No man I knew what time it was I don't have to pull out for a while.

Then without warning he took off his t-shirt and looked to see if anyone was close by. The only thing separating my prick from him was a thin sheet of cloth. I did my business and was headed back in the direction of the car when I noticed the truck closest to me had the passenger door open.

All of a sudden there was a knock on the door. I used to my fingers to rub it around. I was awaken by a knock on my tralior door.

Just as I blew I twitched my hand on the wheel and swerved. This was the best sex I had ever had and it was with a man that I didn't even know his name. I just knew my cousin had awakened and was looking for me. Story Tags Portal; gay trucker. I promise I am loose and it just like fuckig a pussy. I radioed for help but we can't get help for about 2 hours.

I never thought much about it and went about my work, but the next time I looked up he was still staring at me.

I could not believe what I was doing. When I reached the car my cousin was standing outside smoking a cigarette. I should have been mad but with the fun we had just had who could be mad! I played with my balls, rubbing them together and playing with my bush of pubic hair. His pubic hairs were very neatly trimmed like sgories was planning on impressing someone.

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At that point in my life I had had a few experiences in college, but nothing major. the trucker. I put the condom on he he lubed my cock. He then opened the door and Truckwr was on my way back to the car. I was going faster and faster and faster till I knew I was going to blow.