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Emoji pill report

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Emoji pill report

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Strong, warm clean buzz with all thats suposed to come with it.

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The following hours were very crappy, however.

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The contents remain unknown in both pills at this present point in time and extremely dangerous. Didnt take me quite as high up of course, but still kept the nice buzz coming nicely. Unfortunetely no test kit available. I'm I missing something, or would this be difficult to determine? Quite fucked up, not that much loving chills left, as usual that late in the night. Good clean roll was able to eat and repoort like normal.

An official warning is yet to be issues but we strongly urge users who haven't purchased a lill test kit to obtain one or have your pill tested in a reagent testing centre prior to consumption. June 17,am GMT dankphishxtc member since August 21, Love dem chocolate chip pills :P Is that actually a logo of some kind, or possibly an advertisement on miligram dosage? Although I did drink alcohol with it, this is still undoubtably a bad pill.

Pillreports users, Our loving and friendly staff at pillreports are actively seeking & welcoming members of. Be safe everyone!

Hope these are good! Just a tip, if you're gonna be using MDA try and stay under. Quite strong pills. And slowly comingdown i didn't want to end these feelings and smoke some pot. Nice old school pills!

Mecke: blue - black. a few white specs, the front is pressed with a star, the back has a poop emoji press. I just think the Folins is alil too finicky. Marquis: purple - black.

Maybe just have the Folins to experiment with. August 9,pm GMT tesk69 member since August 18, Oops, looks like i forgot to set an option for the folins. Reagent test or lab analysis would be highly encouraged. Simons: light.

I'm not talking about these pills specifically, just the Folins test in general. Pills sold as "Ecstasy" often include other, potentially more dangerous, substances such as methamphetamine, ketamine and PMA. Music is good and everythings are perfect. Please proceed with extreme caution and do not consume these under any circumstance. But still a very clean buzz with nothing visual or weird feelings in the body.

I'll just stay with the Simons an the robadope. Yes User Report This pill made me blackout, gurn all night, continuously drop my wallet and not understand what people were saying to me, and have zero awareness or true enjoyment of what was going on around me. Doubt there is anything else than MDMA. I would believe. Ive noticed that after a while the folins reaction gobfrom yellow to orange, so its a bit confusing. Well knowledgeable sources say that they are mda.

Decided to go market.

Im just gonna wait for my new simons test to make a decision. For comparison, I heard the blue anchors, green apples, and beige rabbits, that tesk repoet tested were better in terms of MDA presses July 18,am GMT curiousgeorge77 member since August 15, Anyone try these yet? Emoju we are outside seeing some friendly people and we started a very nice talk.

Pills lab tested on site a Boomtown festival. I was really excited that these were the real deal! Me and my friend start a good chat after 30 min after 45 min decided to take other half.

I took a couple a few days ago - had rdport beautiful MDxx feeling for about 5 hours. It was fun! Application For Moderator Position (Admin~Scatterday).

Third a couple of hours later. The reports that have raised alerts can be found via the following links. Popped around 10 pm. Strong, warm clean buzz with all thats suposed to come with it. Pretty good pill. If u don't like the Folins dancesafe kit August 10,pm GMT gnawpurpz member since March 26, hetraguanna sounds like a typical MDA comedown after heavy doseage. I have not seen round presses in a minute, they reminded me of the early days of raving.

Did a second one a couple hours later. After a repogt we decided to go home and say goodbye to people. Really wanna hear a consumer report. I suppose the other reagents make the picture more clear Definitely the best ones in a while.

Everythings are so laggy and we got extreme piill at this point visuals made my day hours. If so, its not enough to notice.

Seizures have been reported from the Gold Token pills in the first link. Did the Folins not show up when making your report? Pills sold as emooji often include other, potentially more dangerous, substances such as methamphetamine, ketamine and PMA. I would be weary.

I apparently looked like I was having fun, but have very little recollection of a night that should have been one to remember.