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On the go evidence, assessment and reporting The award-winning assessment app that makes record-keeping effortless and secure. Start my trial Buy it Now Welcome to Evidence Me Wave goodbye to sticky notes with our award-winning observation, assessment and reporting app. Easily capture observations through a variety of media on the go, saving you hours of valuable time.

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This will synchronise the learners into your app. Ensure that the option to "use as a master device" is switched off so that the Web Management Suite automatically becomes the master device.

Help for parents!

If you know anyone who wants to stop using sticky notes to track observations, you can recommend our 2Build a Profile app. After you added or edited your class list and learners press "Synchronise learners" within settings.

Step 2. Auto suggesting of objectives Suggests objectives bild the curriculum and recommends next step objectives. Purchase a one-year subscription today and get instant access to your Evidence Me. You can save with multiple-year subscriptions too.

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Master device should only be switched on if you want to edit learners directly from buil device instead of the Web Management Suite. When you have added all your classes and learners press the "synchronise learners" button in settings to the classes and learners to the web Management Suite Step 7. The learners are ready to be synchronised into your devices. Overview Summary You can either manage the class lists using the Web Management Suite or a device as the master device.

Click on the "synchronise learners" button to the learners and portrait photos to the Web management Suite.

Refer a friend to get free months on your licence. Then you will have finished the transition to the Web Suite. If you would like to try the great new look video update before anyone else please contact Chris 2eskimos.

Ensure that the option to use as a master device is switched off, because the Web Management Suite will be your master device. To synchronise the new information to the Web Management Suite go back into the settings and press on the "synchronise learners" button.


You can change the group name from "My Class" to something else Step 5. Evidence Me has made record keeping so much more manageable and professional. Type or paste in your learner names and Press "Save Changes" Step 3.

Press "Browse" and select the photo from your PC. Press on "Class setup" then class names Step 2. In addition, the customer support team are excellent. Deleting Learners If you need to delete a learner from your devices you can do this directly from the Web Management Suite.

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Then press "Save portrait". As long as the goes successfully into your Sent box, the observation will be provile They are friendly and approachable, and can talk you through your issue step by step. Click on the learner you want to edit.

Press "Save changes" If you have more devices with existing learners on, you can now repeat the whole process from Porfile 1 with the next device. New Features Fully redeed app and websuite to improve usability, accuracy and speed. Make sure this device has the "Master device" on within the settings.

Follow these easy steps:

Formerly 2Build a Profile, our new assessment app Evidence Me has been thoughtfully created by teachers, for teachers; with new features tailored to your needs. Step 3.

To add a photo via the web suite, press the "Portfolios" menu option and select a learner. Then press "close" and when you have finished editing your learners press "Finish edit".

This will synchronise your class list and learners to the Web Management Suite. You can now repeat steps 7,8,9 for all of the devices you have. Managing class lists with a device If you add or edit your classes and learner through a device: Step 1. Sharing across devices Observations are updated across other devices in the school setting. Just switch prpfile on when needed and then switch off again.

On the go evidence, assessment and reporting

It is not buikd to switch between editing your classes editing your classes in the Web Management Suite and bujld a master device. Follow these steps to download the learners into your devices: Step 7. Step 4. Then press "update photo" underneath the learner photo Step 2. Once the photo has ed, you can drag the "cropping bars" around the learner's face and then press "OK". Adding learner portrait photos using the web suite You can add photos in proflie ways - either using the web suite or using your mobile device.

For a of years we have been trying to look at ways to make sure that our coverage and our assessment procedures within the Foundation subjects and Key Stages 1 and 2 are better than they currently are.

Please contact the school directly and they will be able to give you more information about this! to find out more. Adding learner portrait photos using the device Photo portraits can also be captured on the device once you have synchronised the learners from the web suite on to your device Step 2 You can edit learners and take portrait photos if your device prfoile set as the Master Device.

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On the go evidence, assessment and reporting The award-winning assessment app that makes record-keeping effortless and secure. The app is extremely user-friendly, with clear instructions and an easy to use format. This will synchronise the learners into the app. Then press "Close" and when you have finished editing your learners press "Finish edit".